Professional development and ongoing support for implementation of the OGAP Formative Assessment System in Additive Reasoning, Multiplicative Reasoning, Fractions, and Proportionality.

Effective implementation of OGAP involves 4 days of professional development for each content area and 4 days of follow-up support for mathematics leadership in district/school.

Districts use different models for the professional development. Some districts have embedded the professional development during the school year. Others make it a part of summer in-service training. The OGAP Leadership will work with the leadership in your district to develop the best model given your district goals.

Participants will receive:

  1. Four days direct professional development per content area focused on:
    1. Formative assessment in general and OGAP specifically.
    2. Research underpinning learning and understanding the OGAP Framework/learning progression for specific topic.
    3. Content
    4. Strategies to gather evidence of student learning and to take action based on evidence.
    5. Use of OGAP materials and resources.
    6. OGAP Framework/Learning progression link CCSSM Standards
    7. OGAP link to mathematics programs and other instructional materials.
  1. Access to all OGAP professional development materials
  1. Access to OGAP item banks with hundreds of formative assessment questions for each math topic.
  1. The OGAP Frameworks/Learning progression and supporting materials.

Attached find overviews of the professional development for OGAP Fractions, Multiplicative Reasoning, and Proportionality.

OGAP Additive Reasoning
OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning
OGAP Fractions
OGAP Proportionality

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