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Study shows that OGAP has positive impact on student and teacher learning

OGAP Facilitator Training Postponed to 2022

The OGAP Book Series “A Focus on…” is now complete. Just off the press are:

A Focus on Addition and Subtraction: Bringing Mathematics Education Research to the Classroom (Ebby, Hulbert, Broadhead (2021))

A Focus on Ratios and Proportions: Bringing Mathematics Education Research to the Classroom (Petit, Laird, Wyneken, Huntoon, Abele-Austin, and Sequeira (2020))

About the Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP)

The Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) is a systematic and intentional formative assessment system in mathematics based upon the mathematics education research on how students learn specific concepts, common errors students make, or pre-conceptions or misconceptions that interfere with students learning new concepts and solving related problems.  OGAP presently has formative assessment systems for additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning, fractions, and proportionality. These mathematical topics represent about 80% of the mathematics in the CCSSM in their respective grade spans. At the foundation of OGAP is teacher knowledge that includes mathematical content, mathematics education research on how students learn mathematics concepts underpinning the OGAP Framework/Learning Progression for each OGAP math topic, and formative assessment practices specific to mathematics.. Therefore, involvement in OGAP involves an investment in extensive professional development and ongoing support.

The system involves using OGAP knowledge and the OGAP Learning Progressions to implement a continuous and intentional system of instruction, probing with instructionally embedded questions, and analysis of evidence in student work to make timely instructional modifications.

To learn more about the OGAP system and the research supporting OGAP go to

OGAP Leadership Team

Elizabeth (Beth) Hulbert, OGAPMath LLC Lead Facilitator and Managing Director ([email protected])

Robert (Bob) Laird, Vermont Mathematics Initiative, University of Vermont ([email protected]) and OGAPMath LLC Co-Director

Marge Petit, Marge Petit Consulting, MPC and OGAPMath LLC Co-Director

Current Work

  • Alabama (AMSTI statewide OGAP, and other districts)
  • Charleston, SC and surrounding districts
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pennsylvania districts
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Vermont OGAP
  • Maryland
  • New Hampshire
  • New York (Chateagay, Saint Regis Falls)
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Past Work

  • Mobile Math Initiative
  • Michigan Mathematics and Science Teach Leadership Collaborative
  • Queen Raina’s Teacher’s Academy
  • University of Nebraska

Higher Education Partnerships

  • Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI), University of Vermont
  • Consortium for Policy and Research in Education (CPRE), University of Pennsylvania
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