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OGAP News!

Experimental Impacts of the Ongoing Assessment Project on Teachers and Students 

OGAP identified as resource for Considerations for STEM Education from PreK through Grade 3

OGAP Additive Reasoning featured in Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education Spotlight LINK.

STEM for All Video Showcase: Transforming the Educational LandscapeMay 14-21
 http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/ The Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP): Developing Formative Assessment Tools and Routines for Additive Reasoning” (A video illustrating the latest expansion of OGAP to grades K-2, featuring Beth Hulbert & Caroline Ebby, along with teachers, coaches and classrooms from Philadelphia, Charleston, and Alabama)

2018 NCSM Power Point Link – What’s the Good News? Division Understanding Can Be Developed through Analysis of Students Pre-existing Knowledge (Use of the OGAP Multiplication and Division Progressions to inform instruction and make instructional decisions.) Presenters: Mary Abele Austin and Karen Reinhardt, OGAP National Facilitators

2018 NCSM Power Point Link –  Formative Assessment Tools and Routines for Developing Number Sense and Additive Reasoning (Use of newly developed OGAP Additive Reasoning Progressions and formative assessment items) Presenters: Caroline Ebby, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania and OGAP National Facilitator, Nicole Fletcher, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania

2018 NCTM Research Conference Power Point Link – Revealing Base Ten Understanding Through Written Formative Assessment Tasks. Presenters: Nicole Fletcher, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania, Ebby, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania and OGAP National Facilitator.

2018 NCTM Research Conference – Power Point:  Improving Mathematics Through Formative Assessment (Research findings from a 2-year large scale OGAP impact and implementation study and ongoing OGAP implementation and support research) Presenters: Caroline Ebby, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania and OGAP National Facilitator, Janine Remillard, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania, Marge Petit, OGAPMath LLC, Co-Director

2018 OGAP Professional Development Sites

  •  Alabama
    • De Kalb City Schools, Alabama
      •   Additive and Multiplicative, July 2018 and August 2018
    • AMSTI at Jackson State University, Alabama
      • Fractions, July 2018
      • Proportional, September, 2018
    • A+ College Ready, Birmingham, AL
      • Fraction Training, Spring 2018
    • Huntsville, AL School District
      • Additive Reasoning, June 2018
      • Fractions, June 2018
  • Charleston Public Schools, Charleston, South Carolina
    • Additive and Multiplicative, June 2018
    • Fractions, July 2018
  • Maryland Department of Education
    • Fractions, July 2018
  • New Hampshire
    • Rochester, NH – Additive and Multiplicative, August, 2018
    • Plymouth, NH – Multiplicative, August, 2018
  • Omaha Nebraska Public School District
    • Additive Reasoning Facilitator Training, May 2018
  •  Philadelphia Math Counts Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 2018
    • Additive
    • Fractions
    • Proportions
  •  Vermont
    • Champlain Valley Educator Development Center, Colchester, Vermont
      • Additive August 2018.
    • Vermont Northeast Kingdom Regions
      •  Additive and Fractions, August 2018
    • Vermont Learning Collaborative Southern Vermont
      • Additive, July 2018
  • Wallenpaupack Pennsylvania Public Schools
    • Additive Reasoning, June 2018
    • Multiplicative Reasoning, July 2018
  • OGAP National Facilitator Training, Montpelier, VT – Additive and Fractions, July 2018