About Beth Hulbert

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Beth Hulbert is an independent consultant focused on mathematics curriculum, instruction and assessment at the K-8 level. Beth has been involved in the development of all aspects of the Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) since its inception, across all content areas. This includes research, development, trainings, support of teacher leaders at OGAP sites, planning at the systems level and direct work with teachers and administrators.  Beth is a co-director of OGAPMathLLC where she is the lead facilitator. Beth is co-author of A Focus on Multiplication and Division: Bringing Research to the Classroom (in press 2017), a book written to communicate the math education research on how students develop their understanding of the concepts of multiplication and division.

Beth was the Mathematics Coordinator for Barre Supervisory School District in VT for 18 years and a classroom teacher for a variety of grade levels, as well as a special educator, before that. She was a founding staff member for the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI), a three-year master’s program at the University of VT in mathematics education for K-8 teachers and teacher leaders. Beth has worked in a number of states and districts across the country, as well as internationally, to help improve math content and pedagogy for classroom teachers, teacher leaders and district administrators. She currently works for the Center for Policy and Research in Education (CPRE) at Teacher’s College at Columbia University on a joint mathematics and science initiative, in partnership with KIASIA, to improve teaching and learning in Thailand. She has also worked on other international projects in Poland and Jordan for CPRE. Beth has taught a number of graduate level math ed. courses including a course focused on supporting math teacher leaders with the content and pedagogical content knowledge necessary to do their jobs more effectively.

Beth was a member of the CCSSM VT Implementation Work Group and was on the VT Advisory Board for CCSS implementation. Beth served on the national NCTM/CEC Joint Math Project (2010-2012) focused on improving math instruction for special needs students.  She was part of the NCSM Response to Intervention Workgroup (2014-15) and was a panel presenter of the workgroup findings at NCSM 2015. Beth won the Presidential Award in Mathematics Education in 1993, the University of Vermont Outstanding Teacher Award in 1994, and a Fulbright Award in 1999. She is a past president of the Vermont Council of Teachers of Mathematics.